How We Do It



Let’s do this.

Together we’ll design your custom home. We have developed a bevy of curated design options to fit your lifestyle. Our process connects you directly with our talented team of designers and engineers and puts the control of customizing your dwelling at your fingertips—Awesome choices born out of the efficiency and precision inherent in our modular fabrication system.

Live beautifully.



We’ve got this.

We make shepherding your project through the building permit process easy. With over forty-five years of combined experience, we’ll get your approvals as fast as possible. 

Our homes are built to exceed all state and local codes, and every one is stronger than conventionally built homes. 

Time to get this party started.



It’s all about control.

We build your home or Accessory Dwelling Unit in our factory with an incredible degree of precision, quality and speed. 

The streamlining of efforts of the site work and our factory fabrication results in far less variables and waste, dramatically speeding up the construction time. 

We’ll get you home sooner.



Knock, knock. 

Who’s there? We are.

Bevyhouse will coordinate all logistics for the transportation and delivery of your home. Once we’ve put the finishing touches on your dwelling, down to the white glove cleaning, we hand you the keys and you’re ready to move right in.

Welcome home.